I love to write, as I feel like it is the best way for me to get things out of my head and into an understandable format that can be shared or communicated better. I’ve written a few books that I’ve shared with you here. The first one is a children’s book that carries a message I feel is universal. The other two are make up more of a complete story about two decades or so of my life, and how I got into and out of a controlling group/cult, and lessons I’ve learned as a result. I plan to keep writing more books and stories until my fingers can no longer type.

We Are All People Children are full of wonder, awe, excitement and love and see everyone the same, until someone teaches them differently. This book shares a wonderful message about tolerance and how we really are all the same, regardless of where we are from or what groups or religions we belong to. It shares a message of treating others with love and kindness. In a world where we are more connected technologically than ever, we have often distanced ourselves from others and need to refocus on becoming more connected to people.

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Reconnection After experiencing a deep personal, spiritual, familial and financial crisis, Lucas Catton chronicles his time over the course of a decade of rebuilding his life. The road from mental anguish to redemption and then transcendence has been a learning experience that brought him to his knees, literally and figuratively, and then to standing proud with renewed confidence and self-respect, as well as more meaningful connections with others and life as a whole.

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Have You Told All? Lucas Catton was a Scientologist for 12 years and contributed to many Scientology-related activities. He was introduced to the organization primarily through its rehabilitation program Narconon, and worked with them for over ten years in various capacities, including as President of their flagship facility in Oklahoma called Narconon Arrowhead. He sits in a unique position of having arguably more knowledge than anyone else who has publicly addressed the inner workings of the Narconon network and its connection to Scientology in the 21st century. He decided to speak out publicly following a series of deaths tied to Narconon in hopes to shed more light on its operations as well as to stop the harmful practices of the church of Scientology.

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