COVID ICU Nurse Seeks to Open Treatment Center to Aid Frontline

ICU Nurse

—Update 2/26/21—

Here is a brief update with Jonathan, who is currently working in an ICU in California.

By The Bay Corp (BTB) ‘s mission is to meet the recovery goals of high-pressured professionals.

Founder Jonathan Godfrey, who has worked more than 26 years as a flight and trauma nurse, is no stranger to healthcare workers’ specific needs, having experienced his difficulties following his crash.

“Our profession has an inherent risk to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. I would argue that when we enter our career path, often we are unaware of those risks.” Jonathan Godfrey said. “It is only when we experience the stress which may be an acute event or a slow increasing exposure that some of us look around and wonder what happened to our balance in a single or all areas of our lives.”

He has since become immersed in one of the nation’s biggest problems as an ICU nurse working with COVID patients. He continues to see the level of strain on hospital staff in these environments.

“It is too ugly and painful to share all my struggles along the way. I even feel guilty for saying that I have struggled because I was given the biggest gift of all in surviving when others have not,” Godfrey said. “Some would say that I have been selfish and self-serving, while others would say that I am a hero. The truth is that my life has been every part of the spectrum, mentally, physically, and emotionally. My family and closest friends can attest to the truth of this.”

He said BTB wants to bring both conventional and functional methods into one place to individualize renewal and recovery treatment. Building resiliency is a primary focus so that people have the tools and support they need to deal with the pressures of their careers and the daily challenges life can present.

By The Bay has its first location identified for a residential treatment facility for primary substance use disorders and related behavioral health issues in the Southeast. It is intended to be close enough to be accessible yet provide a serene setting tucked out of the way for a private, distraction-free environment.

By The Bay intends to continue opening residential and outpatient facilities across the country, with an ongoing focus on professionals’ specific needs such as those in first responder roles, healthcare, aviation, and other high-paced, -stake -pressure professions.

Joining the team is Lucas Catton, CEO of Advanced Recovery Resources, who works with multiple rehabilitation programs as a consultant and recently helped launch another successful startup in the field.

“Having helped dozens of treatment facilities to grow over the years, I believe that having a strong leader with a clear mission is one of the surest signs of success. By The Bay fits both of those, and Jonathan’s purpose is inspiring,” Catton said.

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