Fate and Second Chances

second chanceStanding on a hillside on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the middle of a vineyard in North Georgia, I leaned over to talk to the man who was about to perform my wedding ceremony. Just two weeks earlier, Ken wasn’t an ordained officiant and didn’t know he would be standing there in that capacity, but instead thought he and his wife, Beth, were simply going to be our guests. I was already starting to get really emotional and the ceremony hadn’t even started, but I also felt completely comfortable, as if it was all meant to be.

I can’t say that I am a huge believer in fate, as I feel that we have so much influence over what directions our lives wander in, but there are times like this that I can’t explain as anything other than fate, and there are also things such as the Farmer’s Almanac and astrological applications that seem to be able to predict certain occurrences based on cyclical patterns and universal observations.

The first person who was supposed to perform the ceremony had fallen off a ladder and broke his ankle less than two weeks before the wedding. We were crushed, as we were really looking forward to having him out. However, after things settled out a bit, Leslie called up Ken, who was actually her boss, and he graciously accepted and jumped in with both feet.

Aside from the part that Ken did an absolutely amazing job as our officiant, there were many elements that seemed to be fulfilling some kind of destiny. When too many incredible things line up, they are way more than mere coincidences. Call it divine intervention, the stars aligning or some other way to explain it, but the whole event was way more than luck.

fateI had told Ken that I have learned to look for signs, especially groups of them together, as indicators for me if something really is right. I started telling him about how the venue was normally booked up about a year in advance, but the exact date we wanted was available and they gave us the whole space rather than just the private party spaces. The band, who is managed by my dad, was originally booked up and supposed to be out of the country that week, but the date became available. It was also raining for several days leading up to the wedding, but cleared up the night before and the weather was absolutely perfect on the Saturday of the ceremony before starting to rain again the next day and continue for over several more days.

I also mentioned to Ken that the number eleven was a very significant number for both Leslie and me. Our birthdays are in the 11th month, which is also when we got engaged. It just so happened that we were married on the 11th day of April as well. Ken proceeded to tell me that the number eleven has always been a special number for him and his wife was well – yet another sign to me that he was meant to be the one leading the ceremony that day. I had also watched a video online from an astrologer just a few days earlier who had said that relationships beginning on April 11th would be particularly passionate. Now, despite not basing my life on astrology (or any other -ology or -ism, for that matter), I couldn’t ignore that it seemed to be more than a coincidence.

There were many other signs as well, such as other familial connections, and the fact that Ken and Leslie share the same birthday. I could keep going, but I think I’m beginning to make my point. There really were many other things that are more than coincidences that all lined up and played a part in the union that Leslie and I now share. There are also even more aspects that I see coming in the future as we continue to draw strength and confidence from each other’s love and support.

This has been a second chance for both of us, part of our intertwining fate. Not just because we each were previously married, but because of so much more.

For anyone out there struggling with the idea that they’re stuck in life or won’t get another chance at something, I hope this little anecdote helps. I don’t just mean in marriage, either. Second chances can be found in all areas of life, to take previous experiences and learn something new about ourselves and give things another shot.


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  1. What a great story Lucas. Congratulations and I’m glad you are so happy and have built a wonderful new life! It’s amazing how that happens when we’re free enough to see the truth and able to take back our life! Marsha

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