A Very Grateful Big Announcement

usannounceIt is with extreme joy that I share the wonderful news of having another baby boy on the way! The newest addition to our family is due to arrive, serendipitously, on April 11th, which is also our wedding anniversary!

Rhett can’t wait to be a big brother and Ella is already looking forward to helping babysit. Our parents are thrilled to have another grandchild to add to the mix, and we’re so unbelievably excited about all that is in store for the future.

We are especially grateful given what we pretty silently went through over the past year and half. We unfortunately joined countless other couples who have had miscarriages, having lost two pregnancies after Rhett.

There is nothing that can really prepare you for the sadness and loss of such a time, and although it is certainly much more difficult for the mothers, it is still a very tough thing for the fathers as well. I know we both took them really hard. However, we quickly found out that most of the people we spoke with either experienced one or more miscarriages themselves or had close family members who went through them.

announcementThere was some comfort afterward in knowing that we’re not alone, but wish there was more open support available before and during as well. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan famously brought more attention to this situation with their own story last year, and our doctor told us that between 20% and 40% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.

At the same time, there are many other more heart-wrenching situations that people have to go through, such as friends, family and acquaintances who have lost children. This experience has not only helped me to be more empathetic to their plight, but also to cherish life – in all forms – even more than ever.

It has also reminded me to take even less for granted and to be grateful for the love of our children, spouses, siblings, parents and all family members. In the end, that love is all that really matters. Love is what makes our world as special as it is, and I believe that expressing it more openly helps everyone feel better in life.

This compassion can and should be spread to ever-widening circles, even people we may see as ‘different than us.’ You never know what someone else is going through or dealing with in life. When you do, you often find out that they’re much more like you than you realized.

We can’t wait to be able to share our new love in April, and would like to extend well wishes to everyone!