Online Recovery Program

Online Recovery Program

There are times in all of our lives when we struggle. Whether because of pain, loss, isolation, failure or any other difficult situation involving our health, relationships and overall wellbeing, we respond to these stressful events in many different ways.

I have worked in the behavioral health field for two decades now, mostly as a consultant for treatment facilities, but also serving in many other roles, including being the co-founder of a rehabilitation center. Although I am not a doctor, therapist or certified counselor, I have learned a lot about what helps people in recovery over the years.

Although “treatment” and “recovery” are often used interchangeably, I consider them to be different. Only properly credentialed, licensed and certified professionals can technically provide treatment. However, anyone can help another person in recovery. This is one reason why peer support groups, sponsors, coaches and mentors are so valuable.

The fact is that most people who have a substance use issue at one time or another in their lives don’t go to treatment. Many don’t go because they actually don’t belong there, others cannot afford it, and still more would prefer to find other routes to help them get back on track in their lives.

Affordable, Accessible Recovery Help

For the reasons mentioned above, and many more, I have created the Online Recovery Program through my company, Advanced Recovery Resources. This unique recovery framework is able to be customized to each individual and offers:

– Lifetime access to the growing list of online lessons and supplemental material
– Membership to a closed Facebook group for support
– Connection with therapists, recovery coaches and peer support specialists around the country
– A free introductory coaching session with me (limited availability)
– Assistance in locating additional services such as doctors, detox facilities & more

The goal is to create a personalized recovery plan for each person who is enrolled to be able to get his or her life back on track. It is not a replacement for treatment, but for people who cannot or will not go to treatment, for whatever reason.

It can be done fully online, or a combination of online and in-person sessions and groups. The sessions can be created to fit any schedule, so people don’t have to miss work, school or family obligations.

Who This Program is Good For

There are many uses for the material of the online course lessons and the additional resources that are available. Some of these include:

– Aftercare for people leaving treatment
– Recovery help while living in a sober community
– HR Managers at companies who have employees who test positive for substances
– Therapists and coaches for their clients who need a little more resources and support
– Teens and young adults who have “experimented” and need some assistance to prevent things from getting worse
– Spouses and family members who would like some additional support and accountability
– People who want to create their own specialized recovery team
– Hospitals who discharge people from the ER to give as a referral, since most won’t go to treatment
– Law enforcement, DFACS and other public service agencies as an alternative to treatment for those who need help but cannot quit their jobs
– People who are seeking help but there are no local treatment resources available
– People seeking affordable alternatives

If you know someone who this might be a good fit for, click on the link below to get enrolled. You can also contact me at any time if you have any questions or need further assistance.