Lucas Catton is an expert on helping people overcome personal and business struggles to lead a life of fulfillment instead of feeling insignificant or uninspired. He was the co-founder of a unique recovery program and has worked in the behavioral health field for the last two decades as a consultant. He is an entrepreneur who has created successful businesses of his own and continues to assist others to grow personally and professionally.

He has spoken to thousands of people of all ages in small and large groups, and has combined that experience with his own personal development and successes to share inspirational messages with others. His talks help people find more meaningful connection and confidence in their lives through greater presence and intentionality.

He is the host of the Support For Guys Podcast and author of the books Reconnection and We Are All People. His signature keynote, You PICK – How to Choose a Life of Meaning and Fulfillment, is also the subject of his next book.

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