It’s OK to Question Things

If something doesn’t seem right, ask questions. Get clarification until you feel satisfied or you understand. Most of the people in the world follow along with traditions, views, beliefs or rituals because that’s what they were taught as young children or because of the other systems they have been brought up in, not because that’s what they chose for themselves.

Having the ability to question things and choose for yourself what seems right for you is a freedom that we all should have. Figure out what makes the most sense to you, rather than simply accepting what is fed to you, but do so honestly and kindly.

It seems that only controlling systems or beliefs don’t allow people to question or have doubt about certain aspects. They are told they have to be unwavering in their faith and display total certainty that they are the ones who are right and other views or beliefs are wrong.

This is very common in religious and political circles, and unfortunately those assertions, especially when pushed by extremists, wind up being the cause of much strife and malice. On lesser deadly ground, the same fundamentalist behavior drives separatist and elitist mentalities that create alienation and degradation of people. For what? Power? Money? Control?

I believe that if you find yourself in a situation where you are told to just shut up and follow orders without being able to question the orders themselves or the intent of them, then it is probably time to find another activity or group that is more open and willing to at least have a simple discussion about your questions without having to threaten punishment or violence.