Spend Your Time Wisely

Spend as much time as possible doing things that you love and being with people you love. This may sound like a no-brainer at first, but how many of us SAY that we do this vs. actually doing it?

Too many hours and days that add up to years are lost on doing things we don’t enjoy and missing out on being with our loved ones. This isn’t to be used as an excuse for not keeping up with work and responsibilities, but instead a challenge to set goals for work and accomplishments in areas in which we are interested.

I have found myself at times doing things just for money and then not being happy because I wasn’t pursuing my dreams or being actively engaged in something more uplifting. The money I made and then lost couldn’t have paid for the happiness I’ve gained by shifting my priorities.

Of course I balance this with handling responsibilities and financial obligations, and I get closer and closer to having just the right amount of integration of passion and reward. The more I follow this in my own life the happier I feel and the more I am able to enjoy the money that I do make in return for my efforts.

I actively encourage others to stop making themselves miserable by going down career paths they hate. Yes, some people feel stuck in situations because the seemingly make too much money to do something else instead. However, I can honestly say that having a very healthy income doesn’t fix a miserable situation by itself, but you can definitely still be happy and broke. I’ve been both before, and now I believe I have a path that I can follow of my own choosing that sustains happiness and also increases income.

I think the quote from His Holiness the Dalai Lama below is quite apropos.