You P I C K – a Method for Approaching Life

I’m a strong believer that we aren’t supposed to just aimlessly wander through life, yet having a laser-focused path is not the way to go either. Although there are a lot of places in between, what I’m finding to work for me is more about creating a favorable internal and external environment to be able to have a direction that I’m heading in, while trying to enjoy where I am more as well. I call this You PICK, as even though we can’t control the outcome of every situation in life, we can chose how we approach it.

P is for Progress. I think it’s important to keep moving forward. Even incremental progress leads to big strides over time. We may get knocked down or backward occasionally, but if we then take that next step we’ll be progressing again. Progress helps to create a sense of accomplishment, and when we look back we can see just how far we’ve come. (for more on this point, see a previous post)

I is for Impermanence. Life is in a state of constant movement and change, and nothing continues on forever. The notion of impermanence can be comforting during difficult times, knowing that they won’t last. It also helps to allow things to pass, and to let go of things when we’ve held on for too long.

C is for Connection. Building more connection in our lives is a fundamental way to feel a sense of belonging. Connecting with other people, with nature and with ourselves helps keep us grounded as well. Here we find common purpose, bonding and meaning. Look for ways to be more connected in your life.

K is for Kindness. Moving forward with kindness is a fundamental way to enhance the lives of others, and yours by default. When you lead with kindness you are leading with love and positivity and attracting that in return. The benefits of kindness are unlimited.